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Carpet Cleaners In St Albans

At home, cars, and residential areas, you need a clean environment with fresh air. A clean environment with clean carpets and doormats is the best environment for you to relax. Carpets, rugs or upholstery always need to be kept as clean as possible at all times. This will improve air quality and also the smell. Regular cleaning will also keep the carpets in tip-top condition, thus reducing wear-and-tear, helping the longevity of the carpet and saving you money in the long run.

Cleanliness is next to godliness! You may opt to clean your carpets at home. However, this may be costly and time-consuming. Therefore has saving experts and professionals clean your carpet will save you both time and cost. You will enjoy a clean environment at the little expense possible. Why should you have your carpets cleaned?

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

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Best Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning should always be done by a professional company who can clean carpets, rugs and upholstery safely. Our carpet cleaners in St Albans are trained to identify carpet fibres to ascertain what methods and solutions work the best and most safely on that particular flooring.

Staff go on a rigorous training regime and are continually monitored by managers at the company to keep up a very high standard of work. Staff are also certified, insured and experienced to clean any type of carpet or rug.

The company and its workers have created the most advanced ways of delivering the perfect clean to remove oil, milk, tea, coffee and makeup to all of our loyal customers from all over the city and county.

Why Choose Heros?

Smart Cleaners

The intelligent structure of our business means more productive, smarter and better cleaning!

Perfect Prices

We always try to at least, if not beat our competitor's pricing structures in St Albans.


Professionalism is our watchword. We always aim for the best possible carpet clean ever!


Great communication is always vitally important when dealing with a carpet cleaner like us.


Best Prices For Carpet Cleaning!

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Rug Cleaning

Rugs host allergens such as dust particles and bacteria. The dust particles in the rugs can be a health risk to people who have breathing problems.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstery is one way you can take care of the environment. A clean sofa helps clean air and you always need clean air for the room!

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For the best carpet cleaning quotation in St Albans, get in touch today for affordable prices! We are always available to have a chat or give helpful info.


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Room Prices

1 Room = £45
2 Rooms = £69
3 Rooms = £85
4 Rooms = £99
5 Rooms = £119

full house prices

1 Bedroom House = £95
2 Bedroom House = £119
3 Bedroom House = £ASK
4 Bedroom House = £ASK
5 Bedroom House = £ASK

Other Prices

*Upholstery – 2 Seater = £35 & 3 Seater = £45

Footstool = £10

*Hallway, stairs & landing = call for price

*Rugs – small = £15, medium = £20, large = £25

Clean Carpets

Residential room carpets, car carpets, and home sofas need to be taken care of. The carpets need cleaning and thorough washing to appear beautiful and eye-catching. They are part of home decor, and if ignored, the home decor will disappoint. Upholstery also contributes significantly to the overall appearance of the room and the scenery. Having clean carpets is one way you can maintain your home decor and we are experts at deep cleaning floors and furnishings!

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car upholstery cleaning

We Also Clean Car Fabric!

Your car will always shine and stick to the memories of most visitors. This can be even more so if the cleaning is done by professionals who have all the tools and understand how to do the cleaning throughout. We can clean vehicle seating for cars, trucks, vans, minibuses, car fleets and caravans.

It is important to have your car seats, carpets and mats cleaned regularly. Children and the aged might be affected by the dust and the bacteria in the car seating or carpet. Dusting your car mats can remove such dirt but not entirely. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning by experts will be the ideal solution. Therefore for your health purposes and those family and friend members, keep your vehicle carpets, seats and mats free from bacteria and dust.

You can achieve this by getting your vehicle furnishings cleaned by an expert car fabric seat cleaner like us in St Albans so book today!

Serving St Albans

We love to clean carpets in St Albans. As a local carpet and rug cleaner, we are incredibly proud of our local town and are proud to serve the surrounding community. As a small but growing town, the are is in more and more need of a professional carpet cleaning company. We provide that expertise and local people love our no-nonsense value for money approach to business!

Fresh air can be achieved by cleaning the carpets. This is because carpets trap dust that quickly gets traps the air and other small particles, which might make the environment in the room more conducive to healthier living.

The company has been cleaning carpets in the St Albans area for decades now and the staff have built up a nice rapport with the local community. Many people in the city know our carpet cleaning operators by their first name while passing in the street and will give a friendly wave.

Make sure you have your carpets cleaned by a professional!

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