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We get a lot of questions about our service by the general public and our customers, so we decided to list the most frequently asked questions here for your reading pleasure. The questions listed are the main questions we have received over the years from local clients. We answer her, as honestly as possible and try to help you with informative information to help make you decide on the best company to use!

frequently asked questions


No, but neither are we cheap. We are probably slightly more than the average price. This is because we invest so much in technology, training and cleaning solutions. We should be described as ‘value for money’ or ‘affordable’. Customers know that we do the best possible clean for the cost.

Carpets are left ‘touch dry’ after cleaning. Customers are always surprised after touching the carpet when we have finished, finding the floor to be only damp. You can walk on the carpet straight after cleaning with clean footwear and in general, carpets take about 2 to 3 hours to dry fully and rugs and upholstery take longer.

This depends on how busy that day is and how large the job is. For larger jobs, we will often send two operators with a machine each so the clean is done in half the time normally. This enables one technician to clean the carpets upstairs while the other operator works on the ground floor. Other times we will send a technician with a helper.

Yes, we are a local carpet cleaning company and serve the whole city but we also provide our services throughout the county for nearby towns and cities! We take great pride in being local. We are a non-franchised family run business that only employs people from the area. Customers love our local heritage and book because of this!

We only use safe products for cleaning your flooring and furniture. Carpet cleaning chemicals are very similar to the solutions and powders you use for washing clothes. Many of our cleaning solutions are detergent free and we will use the best cleaners fo particular circumstances. They are also completely safe for pets and children.

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Ask Us!

Feel free to ask us anything at any time! If you have not seen the answer to your question on this page, either message us or give us a call. We love to make our clients more informed and enlighten those that have little knowledge of the industry. We get asked questions all the time, so don’t be shy… We have heard them all and nothing is new to us. That is why we are always happy to share all of our techniques, methods and prices to all customers. If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate or get a free quotation for cleaning carpets at your home, business or place of leisure.

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